For several years, Podiatech has been offering a wide range of equipment and consumables for chiropody treatments, a selection of renowned brands of equipment for chiropody practices: spray and dry technique treatment units, instruments, handpieces, turbines, micromotors, operator seats, patient chairs, lighting, autoclaves, sterilisation equipment, autoclave tests, gouge blades and handles, Swann-Morton scalpel blades and handles, nail clippers, scissors, burs, examination sheets, gloves, masks, dressings, protectors, J3M orthoplasty, Cinier orthoplasty, orthonyxia, onychoplasty, titanium wire, Qenoa creams and products, Cryopens, Ionomat, Anios products, Lunala, for treatments in the chiropody and podiatry practice and in patients' homes - Podiatech

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