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Podiatech has selected high-quality products from recognised brands, guaranteeing quality and longevity for in-surgery and home treatment consumables for chiropodists and podiatrists. Consumables used on a daily basis for your treatments, gouge blades, First blade gouge handles, Swann-Morton scalpel blades and handles, ingrown nail clippers, "standard" Sam nail clippers, Aesculap clippers, burs for handpieces, turbine burs, Edenta, dressings and protectors, rasps, instrument holders, examination sheets and gloves, surgical masks, a range of silicone orthoplastic devices, silipod, various shores, specific orthonyxia instruments: spatulas, photopolymerisation lamps, tunnellers, titanium wire, onychoplasty: glue, Bacquart clips, Doki tape, night splints for hallux valgus, a wide range of Anios hygiene products.

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