Podiatech has selected its partner COMINOX, which has been manufacturing equipment for easy, effective, safe and stress-free sterilisation for over 25 years and meets the requirements of foot care professionals who want to benefit from the latest technologies and comply with current standards. Specific products for every stage of sterilisation in chiropody-podiatry practices: cleaning, washing and disinfection, rinsing, drying, packaging and sterilisation. A product is considered to be sterile when it is free from viable micro-organisms. Sterilclave 18BU autoclave, sterilisation unit. The Smeg thermal disinfector automatically performs the following steps: washing - rinsing - thermal disinfection and drying. Sam 3, ultrasonic cleaners, demineralisers, water distillers, cartridges, flash heat sealers, sterilisation sleeves, self-sealing bags, label printers, labels, drying tanks, Bowie and Dick tests, Prion tests, soaking tanks, soaking pots...

Sterilisation, autoclaves for professional chiropodists

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