Podiatech is present at many national and international trade fairs, as was the case at the last AFDP trade fair in Paris.

March 2023 marked the launch of the new OPCT® range.

The OPCT® families

The new OPCT® range comprises a number of distinct families - City & Everyday, Specific Sports, Multi-Sports, Comfort & Patho-logic - each designed to meet specific needs.

New modules have been added to the range, including ECO models such as the OPCT® Multisport Extra Fin Eco, designed in part from bio-sourced or recycled materials.

The new features include, depending on the model, resin reinforcements within ARC or BRC limits and their shapes are narrow, medium or wide.

Specific models, designed by our R&D department and experts, such as the OPCT® Bike Elite and OPCT® Trail.

See the new range brochure

OPCT® Bike Elite

This model was designed taking inspiration from the solutions used by the best cyclists thanks to the selection of materials and more particularly the integration of Podiafiber® resin.

Designed with a unique thinness/rigidity ratio that can be thermoformed at 70°C for optimum precision. Sports podiatrist Marc Retali talks about the use of this resin for cyclists and sports professionals.

OPCT® Trail

This trail module combining support, comfort and grip was designed specifically for trail running, where the foot/shoe interface is very important.

It was developed in collaboration with our specialist Trail partners and teams ranked among the best in the world.