PODIATECH TRAINING: a wide range of training courses throughout the year!

Want to find out more about podiatry and chiropody? Join us for comprehensive training courses on a variety of topics throughout the year.

As pioneers in thermoforming, we have guided thousands of foot care professionals since 1985 towards a deep understanding of protocols related to podiatry and chiropody.

Our training courses are delivered throughout France thanks to our 6 showrooms spread across the country, but also internationally in the 60 countries where we are present. They cover a wide range of subjects in a precise and detailed way, combining theory and practice.

These include:

  • Posturology training, including the use of the tester kit to create postural orthotics.
  • Thermoforming training, including getting to grips with the PODOLAB® Master, enhancing the knowledge of our materials for excellent customisation of orthoses.
  • Training in analysis tools, including those for visualisation of plantar pressures such as the Pressmat™ and the Presscam™.
  • Training on OPCT®, including the making of foot orthoses customised to the patient's needs.
  • Training on orthonyxia, onychoplasty and orthoplasty, specifically focusing on transmitting protocols and management practices related to these three practices.
  • Specific training for targeted care in sports, running or skiing.

To make sure you don't miss any of our training courses, check out our training schedule now!