3D scan of your patients' feet.

Scan your impressions in a vacuum with the Structure Sensor & iPad

or scan your patient's foot, without load, using the Structure Sensor & iPad

or scan your impression boxes with the Structure Sensor & iPad

or use a flatbed scanner.

An application you can use to design and customise your OPCT® digitally


Enter patient information (patient data and clinical examination).


Choose the OPCT® model you prefer from our comprehensive range.


Indicate the correction elements to add to your OPCT® (Advanced and Elite levels only).


• Place and draw corrections wherever you wish (Elite level),
• Simple, intuitive online software,
• Available on iPad and computer,
• Provided to you at no cost (subject to conditions),
• Compatible with most existing scans,
• Multiple levels of customisation available.

SIDAS Factory
We will manufacture the OPCT® to your specifications in our SIDAS Factory.


Machining of a positive* from the scan validated in the Podiatech app.


Thermoforming of the selected OPCT® on this positive*.


Addition of requested correction elements.


Your OPCT® is created by a foot care professional.

Finished products
We send your OPCT® directly to your practice.

Optionally, you can order the positive* used for thermoforming.

You will receive a custom-moulded orthotic with the corrections you have requested.

You can modify and adapt the OPCT® you receive.

* Our devices are machined from recyclable materials.

The OPCT® Factory through our interviews
By Marc RETALI, specialist in sports podiatry, and Thomas ARNAUD, foot care professional.

For me, the OPCT FACTORY offers all the advantages of digital technology without the disadvantages!
A complementary activity and optimisation of time

"As well as the limited investment in machinery, one of the main advantages is the optimisation of my floor space and my time. Having no stock also means saving time, money and space! " Thomas Arnaud

Reproducibility and database

"This service allows me to make my orthotic insoles using a comprehensive application and offers outsourced production." Marc RETALI

"It has also enabled me to optimise and improve my services, as I am now able to reproduce my orthotics identically and thus facilitate renewals!" Thomas Arnaud

Comprehensive application and patient satisfaction

"Orthotics insoles are made at PODIATECH by professionals. I can therefore concentrate on clinical examination, saving the athletes precious time in their recovery.
I keep a database of scans so that I can reproduce them instantly and send orthotics anywhere in the world at any time during the season."

"My long-term patients also say they feel no difference. [...] The patients appreciate the modern, intuitive aspect of the tablet." Thomas Arnaud

Limited investment and stocks

"[...] a module of excellence is nothing without a perfect mould, which imposes particular logistical constraints, namely the constant transporting of equipment for taking impressions and producing orthotics." Marc RETALI

"The wide range of OPCT® allows me to obtain an orthotic suitable for any type of activity without having an infinite stock to manage." Thomas Arnaud

Looking after your health

"It allows me to spend more time with my patients, and less time in the workshop surrounded by glue and dust... My lungs will thank me too!" Thomas Arnaud

Advantages of the OPCT®

"As a longtime user of Podiatech products, and I am not at all surprised by the quality of my finished products." Marc RETALI

"PODIATECH offers a wide range of technical materials and pre-designed orthotics to suit all foot sizes and activities. [...] I am happy that the brand continues to adapt its products continuously." Thomas Arnaud

Basic pricing grid for an OPCT® manufactured via the OPCT® Factory


Choose your OPCT® from our comprehensive range.
Prices applicable on this site, refer to the product page.
(The reference price is that of the OPCT® in SM version - excluding tax).
Please note: VAT at 5.5% for the OPCT Factory service and for all orders placed on the PODIATECH App.


Depending on the level of personalisation :

  • Selection of the most appropriate foot shape,
  • Choice of OPCT®,
  • Choice of corrections,
  • Manufacture by the SIDAS Factory.
15,00€ tax excl. 15,82€ tax incl.
  • Integration of scan,
  • Choice of OPCT®,
  • Manufacture by the SIDAS Factory.
20,00€ tax excl. 21,10€ tax incl.
  • Integration of scan,
  • Choice of OPCT®,
  • Choice of corrections,
  • Manufacture by the SIDAS Factory.
35,00€ tax excl. 36,93€ tax incl.
  • Integration of scan,
  • Choice of OPCT®,
  • Choose, design and place the elements yourself,
  • Manufacture by the SIDAS Factory.
30,00€ tax excl. 31,65€ tax incl.


Glued top layer

3,00€ tax excl. 3,17€ tax incl.

Comprehensive finish
(Sanding of corrections + cutting of template)

5,00€ tax excl. 5,28€ tax incl.

Addition of element(s)
(Any correction to the structure of the positive is free of charge)

1,00€ tax excl. 1,05€ tax incl.

Delivery of the positive (VAT at 20%)
Subject to a minimum order, shipping costs as per conditions on page 201. Contact us to receive our current special terms and conditions of sale.

5,00€ tax excl. 6,00€ tax incl.

OPCT® Factory Template

45,99€ tax excl. 55,19€ tax incl.

Prices are indicative only and must be confirmed with the sales department.

Find out more about the OPCT® Factory